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The Krystal Mather Scam

At the time of writing this it is unclear how many people are involved in this scam, what this scam is, or how it involves Russia. Now, initially, I got into investigating this scam because a friend of mine who I know in real life was enticed to come to Russia by some blog on a website called Tumblr. Though the blog has since been set to private dashboard only (as in you have to sign in to view it but it’s still there) you can see from the WayBack Machine it definitely did exist back in 2016 when I claim this started to happen. [Source]

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 2.03.07 PM.png

The second blog involved in whatever scam this was with my friend (who I am obviously going to keep anonymous) was run by a girl named Jennyfer Bawar. She goes by the name Duchess and insists that’s her real name but it’s not. Her blog is still up and running and can be found HERE but if she deletes it then it’s been archived so you can see that’s real. The reason I got involved in the first place was the fact that my friend was being enticed to go to Russia by the Julian Priest blog who was in a “romantic” but online only relationship with Jenny’s blog. They were talking to her about coming to see them in Russia to be a family and offering her money to travel there. When she refused they seemed to get upset with her. Around this same time I was talking to Jenny as well. She got really buddy buddy with me and begged me to roleplay with her online boyfriend “Toby” who ran the Julian Priest blog. I said, okay and we started to roleplay. At some point she got very upset with me, accused me of being racist or something and had “everyone” block me. By everyone I mean an insanely long list of roleplay blogs that were too consistently run to only be ran by one person but could reasonably have been run consistently by 4-6 people taking over for each other.

Early on in this when I started to try to prove to my friend that none of the threats she was getting were real, because I wanted to prove to her none of these people were going to come after her, I ran into another woman named Kiah. Kiah claimed that a woman named Krystal who is well known for Bowie fan fiction and roleplay and other things (Original Blog Here and Archive Here so you can see that she put a lot of time and effort into this stuff) was running all the other blogs. Her picture is on that blog immediately so you can see her which will help for identification later when I need to bring that up again. Now, Kiah accused Krystal of being all the Bowie blogs and a few others. This makes sense because Krystal did write fan fiction for all of those characters and many of them are very obscure but she has well developed plots and backstories for them already on that blog. She’s pretty much the only one who could play them. When asking around, personally, to these blogs they all claimed that they read her fic and “loved it so much” they had to roleplay as her characters. Likely story and one I never really bought into. The point is there’s enough proof to establish that Krystal has the capacity to do this and the time on her hands. Let’s move on.

After Kiah accused Krystal of this and made a very good case for herself I didn’t entirely disbelieve her because I did agree it was possible but something seemed off. It was too much work and too intricate for one person to be doing. Also the writing styles were unique and varied from person to person. I could agree that maybe some blogs were written by the same person but it was too much for just Krystal and only Krystal to keep up with. When I started to talk to the blogs about this they started to double down on being “real” to a ridiculous level that was seriously uncalled for. Here are literally all the pictures they gave me over the past two years to prove they were real.

Damien Georgie Miles

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Damien was more than likely going by the name Demyan and pretending to be Russian. The pictures I got of him over the years either came from the original Demyan blog itself (as since been deleted but it was ASilentAssassin) from a known Krystal Mather account, or from some of the others. It seems that Damien was in charge of the Demyan account and possibly more than that. When I confronted him on this he got super fucking shady and weird about it.

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As you can see, he has no clear explanation as to how I got that picture of him or where. He also seems to be not very concerned that this happened even though he appears to know the “friend” he sent it to in order to prove that it was him. The account I got this from was a tumblr account and I screenshot the entire thing. The blog has since been deleted but I can prove that it existed based on that and on my phone I took that screenshot on June 14th of this year. He then has the nerve to accuse me of stalking and harassing him and blocks me. Right. To me this seems like an overly shady reaction for a completely innocent party. Instead of trying to hear me out he does this. To be fair I was really rude to him, fine. However…eventually we have another conversation where I openly apologize, am much calmer, try to explain myself and he still insists that I’m at fault. He literally accuses me of making things up and lying to his friends and accusing him for no reason. Except that’s not even how that happened (I’m getting to that). He refused to hear me out or look at any of my proof against Krystal. Once again, me personally, if a stranger came to me and I knew I didn’t do anything I’d at least want to hear them out. See their proof. Something other than this garbage which you can see below. All of this is very contradictory to how normal people would respond to this information. Someone tells you that your identity has been stolen and now you are being portrayed as a criminal Russian on the internet and they are using this picture to prove it and you just say “Well shit happens”? Even if you weren’t angry or creeped out wouldn’t you at least be a bit curious? Want to know more? Something? Wouldn’t you have some sort of empathy for the victim of whatever this was? Wouldn’t you try to reassure them better and not be like this? Also, he accused me of stalking and harassing him after about 5-6 minutes and blocking me and we had never talked on that account before that point. Isn’t that a bit irrationally insane on his part for a conversation with only a few dozen messages? I agree I wasn’t NICE but…really dude? Eventually I managed to have this conversation with him where I apologized, was much calmer, attempted to explain my side of things, offer him proof….all of that. Once again he denied me. You can see for yourself. This is absolutely not the behavior of an innocent victim of mistaken identity or identity theft. At all.

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Now this leaves open the question, who is Sasha? What is he talking about in that screenshot? Why is he threatening me with this? Well as it turns out Sasha (and every last picture I got of him over the years) belongs to a man named Brad who is also most definitely involved in whatever this nonsense is.

Reverand Bradly Sedgewick

The first dead giveaway should be that he didn’t spell Reverend right and is or was trying to pretend to be some kind of “man of the cloth” as he put it. Secondly, his was they face they were using as Sasha, then they changed it to Lex, then they change it to Alex. Third, on his Facebook which sadly I cannot archive so they are probably just going to delete everything. I found all of the source pictures that I was sent over the years. Here they are now:

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Now, as you may notice a lot of the pics are oddly sized or very unusually cropped. Why? That was to help prevent search engines picking them up and/or it gave them ability to present things out of context. Like the photo where he is on the ground, they claim he was being pinned down there and hurt. Right? Except when you flip the photo and get the uncropped version you can see that’s not the case and he’s just playing with his children. This is why these were resized, filters added, and everything else. The story they told about him was that he is or was brothers with Demyan and that he was a violent, dangerous, psychopath and rapist. Now, as I said…I was vaguely aware this entire time it was a lie. My intent with them was to play along so hard and devotedly that eventually they messed up. No matter what messed up crap they said I was okay with it. I’m not going to claim they didn’t have me partially believing this but there were always red flags and several times I straight up confronted them on if they were lying. They always doubled down with more “proof” and another photo. Always. I don’t know why, seeing as how it would have just been easier to delete or even say “Ha ha yeah I’m fucking with you cause you’re a gullible moron” if they wanted to get rid of me but that’s not what happened. This is what they did instead and they do seem to be real actual people. They weren’t only interacting with my accounts but several as well and using this same story. I mean real people that aren’t part of this scam, trust me I’ve found these people and went over it with them. There are also pictures of Damien and Brad together that I was sent, once again a lot of them cropped or out of context or in a different context than what they actually were.

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Now if you want to claim I just stole all of these from their facebook for some reason and then made all this up myself I guess you could claim that but why? When? For what purpose? Like if anything I’d just prefer to not have met these people at all at this point. It’s also well known by a lot of people how long I’ve been investigating this and how hard I’ve been trying to figure it out. I can literally bring in witnesses to attest to the fact that they’ve seen me talk about this for months and I will do that if I have to. Plus if you look at the “Saved Date” on these files on my computer because I saved anything they sent me to keep track of it, some of them date back years. They have been sending pictures like this to me for years and I didn’t figure out their real identities until a few days ago.

Now, what Damien claims about me “making up the whole story” to lie to his friends is also not true. I was just repeating a story I was told which I not only explained to them but I sent them screenshots of the accounts who sent me this information to prove to them I got it from somewhere else. What seems more likely here? That I totally created these accounts and set this up over a year ago to one day confront them and screw Damien over? Or someone else did this and is now trying to cover up for it? In any case I didn’t just tell them things for no reason and I even went out of my way to say “Hey I’m not accusing him or saying he definitely did anything I’m just asking you to consider this proof because I don’t know”. That’s what I said and yes I have records of that (I will add them later). The point is that the way they are presenting their side of the story seems far more suspicious and less transparent than me.

Krystal Mather AKA Krystal Tyler Bowie

This seems to be the person that connects all of these people together. I met her first. Kiah was the one who initially accused her of doing this. Then she decides to double down and try to prove Kiah wrong and all of this “real” the whole time thinking that I’m buying every last word she’s saying the whole time. Despite conversations where I blatantly accuse her of lying to me. Yes, in the end I dropped the conversation but only because I knew she wasn’t going to admit it. I was dead set on finding the truth so I knew if I kept pushing I risked a block at that point and I had to keep playing along. Ultra super annoying I know. In any case, once again much like Damien, Krystal has been playing the victim. However, in a series of emails we exchanged she says a lot of stuff to implicate herself without directly doing it. [Video reading of the email conversation to come]. I will straight up admit I was not nice to her in that entire conversation and I did warn her several times if she didn’t tell the truth I was going to post this and she didn’t. Damien was given a chance to come clean as well and considering how involved his friends clearly are I’m just done giving second and third and fifth chances.

These are the emails and I will be doing an additional post to analyze what she says in them and why it makes no sense even if I also believe that her weird version of events and what happened (and shady behavior where she can’t show me proof to anything even though I showed her proof) speaks for itself. She also uses weird abuser language like “All I ever did was be nice to people and now they hate me”. This is my email account or was (going to have to get rid of it now) it used to be a pen name. I do have email chains dating back to last year that SHE was involved in and she was tagged in. Her claim that someone used her email and she also somehow didn’t notice despite being tagged in these chains and also never thought to do/say anything about it is also highly suspect. When I do the analysis blog post I’ll provide a link so people can get a more in depth idea. I just wanted to prove she actually said this. I also downloaded every last one of these messages from the source so if she wants to claim that I photoshopped them or something well I have a hard downloaded copy so…good luck.

Read my full analysis of these emails and why what she’s saying makes literally zero sense at this link

Nikolai Ivanovich Morozov [Not Real Name]

Not much is known about this man but I also have not been able to find the source account for these pictures (and a few videos). Since Damien and Brad were the people behind their pictures I wonder if this guy was too and how he was involved. How they found his account. Where they know him from. That still remains unanswered.

Vaguely Worded Threats


Maxx, also known as Rosenundraben on tumblr is [archive link]….not all there in the head. I also can’t possibly think of who she knows or is friends with that knows me “very well” in real life. Celine? My ex? Because those two people don’t know me in real life. I know my ex might be a problem and pain in my ass sometimes but I’m also sure that he’s reasonable and if he actually sees this webpage and hears what I have to say he’ll take my side over hers. Celine is…well she has an established history of harassing me so what is she going to do? Harass me more? Anyone who knows me in real life and “very well” at that would know not to listen to a random internet stranger. Furthermore, on the off chance that they did well I’d just explain to them what was going on. This also sounds entirely like something Krystal would say and it’s too vague to be actually threatening. Instead of trying to clear their names they are attempting to scare me more. Yeah but they totally aren’t covering up anything shady. Right. Guess I can add Maxx to the pile of idiocy that this is. Oh, and she has an established history of irrationally hating me [1] [2] too so if she does see this website and wants her name off of it she’s going to have to say something to me now. I’ll be archiving any threats I get here anyway.


I got another privacy violation from YouTube that’s flagged at the 0:01 Mark. Now this one in the E-Mail YouTube says they will review it and let me know (probably cause they can tell with how she flagged it there’s nothing there) the other privacy violations said I had 48 hours. Anyway, she’s literally so desperate to get me to shut up she’s trying to scare me with this to take down videos which won’t work. This video she wants down literally conforms to all of the YouTube TOS standards so I’m not worried.

Right Back To The Scam

And within days of getting caught they are right back at it. They are targeting the same two girls Gabe and Maxx. Had they not sent the threat about Maxx I would have never checked. These are the same characters they used (except the last one that’s Krystal’s blog one of the only ones not deleted from the originals). I don’t think Maxx and Gabe are involved they are way too stupid and they aren’t good writers they literally cannot write to the level the scammers can so they obviously aren’t part of the group. As to what this is or why they were dumb enough to start again this soon and think I couldn’t find them (and wouldn’t call them out) I have no idea.

As you can see here there is a “Spike” who I talked to on Discord and a Crispin Glover face I talked to on Discord both of them mention Nikolay (not me) and this is what they were saying…so that refers to the Nikolai that I haven’t found a source account for. I can tie them to this more than they think I can. They are starting over again but it’s really unclear why or what this. Why not just admit it? They have to be using Maxx and Gabe for something…or they wanted me to find this again? I have no clue at this point. I’m just saying that they started again already and aren’t even trying that hard to hide it. Maybe this is all a “joke” on me…maybe they are trying to get these girls to do something. Either way…this is a thing that happened.

All The Discord Accounts

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 7.50.27 PM.png

These are all the discord accounts they were using with the number attached. Two were deleted but they probably realized it’s much MUCH harder to delete stuff from discord and deleting users doesn’t erase histories so they stopped trying to do that. Also we have proof of Krystal talking to me because she asks me if I received a gift on the “Roman” account. So either we have to believe a scammer made that account and got Krystal to send me a gift then got back on and pretended to be her to send me that gift or….you know she actually sent me a gift. You decide.


I am not going to guess what this is, or what they are trying to cover up. I am not saying they definitely did anything wrong or illegal. All I’m saying is this behavior is indicative of something happening, something bad, or them being shady people who possibly committed a crime. All I am doing is archiving the evidence. I do know, personally, real people who were asked to go to Russia way before I got into this mess myself. If one of these scammers or something wants to come clean and actually explain something, admit something, whatever…I thin it’s obvious from that threat up there they know how to contact me. Instead they choose to keep doing this because…lord only knows so…yeah I think I’ve proven my point but decide for yourself.

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